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PT-141 10mg

Manufacturer: Ultima Pharmaceuticals

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PT-141 10mg

PT-141 (Bremelanotide) is a popular peptide, its main purpose is increasing the libido. The main feature of this preparation is the possibility of its use both by men and women. PT-141 is absolutely safe, although it is of synthetic origin. The solution administration may be assigned for men at the erectile dysfunction and for women in case of sexual disorder.

Different studies and researches discovered other properties of the preparation. The peptide PT-141 is able to stimulate the production of melanin causing a strong tanning effect. So the laboratory tests of the peptide constantly expand its application areas.

PT-141 is used both by men and women. The main difference between Bremelanotide and such drugs as Viagra and Cialis is that its active substances affect the libido not only blood vessels.

The effects of the use of PT-141

Improvement of sexual potency
Increased sexual drive
Increased coitus duration
Increased sensibility

Please carefully read the instructions to the PT-141 in order to achieve the desired result at the right time.

Application and dosage of PT-141

To achieve first results it is enough to administrate 0.3 milligrams of the preparation subcutaneously. It is the initial dose allowing to define the effect of the active components on the organism. Further the dosage can be increased if necessary. The optimal dosage for one administration is between 0.5 and 1.5 milligrams.

The first signs of the effectiveness of Bremelanotide appear in a couple of hours after administration. The maximum effect is reached after 3-4 hours. Totally the active substance’s effect lasts for 8-10 hours.

Side effects and contraindications

As a part of the study it was found that Bremelanotide has all the features stated in the instructions and perfectly performs its purpose. At the same time some test persons had an increase of blood pressure so the study of the preparation was stopped. Reviews of PT-141 also show that overdosing could negatively affect the level of blood pressure and cause hypertension. Also it should be noted about the possibility of local reactions such as redness of the place of injection. This symptom usually disappears in few minutes and is not considered as complication.

Latest reviews

  1. gogo9080 (verified owner)

    Ordered BPC-157 to help my cranky shoulders. After a week or so i could feel the range of motion is improving and the clicks and grind in the joint is much better. I could press and bench press more comfortably.

  2. jse222 (verified owner)

    Order process was simple and uncomplicated.I will be giving this source future business.

  3. Gdecessus (verified owner)

    Really like their promo’s (Favorite is the BOGO’s they run all the time) it makes for some very cost effective peptide cycles

  4. bigchips27 (verified owner)

    Easy experience overall. Legit products. Priced fairly.

  5. sdzfzf (verified owner)

    Packaging very secure and discrete as it should be, TA was 3 weeks for EU. No issues with customs at all.

  6. zorro2021 (verified owner)

    Didn’t have any issues with my order, products, price, customer service, website and shipping from PMROIDS are all top notch.

  7. venooom (verified owner)

    Don’t be scared to order. Looked like everyone else’s mail.

  8. Cfit777 (verified owner)

    Definitely high quality especially for the price and quick assistance if needed.

  9. Diesel77 (verified owner)

    Easy experience overall. Legit products. Priced fairly.

  10. Dylan (verified owner)

    I received the exact results I was looking for A very clean product that produced no lingering injection site pain Bottle came packaged well and authentication codes worked I have noticed a more vascular, dense look in my body and an increase in my libido.

  11. Anthony (verified owner)

    I had a great time with PM: simple website, smooth transaction. Thumbs up!

  12. bangbroHdd (verified owner)

    Extremely fast responses. Like within an hour usually. Kind of hard to find fault with that. Very easy to deal with and knowledgeable. Overall great service.

  13. sdzfzf (verified owner)

    Top notch. Was in communication the entire order process. Answered all the questions I had in timely manner. A+ with turn around time responses from representative.

  14. Hayden (verified owner)

    Thanks . Keep it up. You guys rock.

  15. LaBahia2 (verified owner)

    Great customer service, my communication is terrible & he was patient with me. Easy ordering process.

  16. Ryan (verified owner)

    There was a slight snag with the delivery of the package, however primesteroids stepped up and fixed the snag for me. Would highly recommend them for their top notch customer service.

  17. Kai (verified owner)

    Ultima test/eq 400 and ultima oxy 50. Did a 8 week test eq and var summer cycle and got absoultly ripped and super vascular. The only difficult part was the eq gave me severe hunger pains and it was hard to not over eat. Products were super effective and top notch.

  18. Julian (verified owner)

    Packaging was professional and TA was 4 days, including 2 weekend days what else can you ask for!

  19. Samuel (verified owner)

    Running some alongside my T cycle twice a week & will up it for PCT but already can feel the difference it definitely gets the natural T moving while on gear

  20. Owen556 (verified owner)

    Immediate answers and good cooperation

  21. biguriel (verified owner)

    This order was for BPC-157 and Test Prop 100. The BPC I have been using for my elbow and keeping it healthy for arm wrestling. I have experienced an anti-inflammatory effect in the short term using BPC which makes training and competing with my elbow much more tolerable. In fact I don’t use any advil during times when I use BPC and this brand was no different. It’s hard to say the long term healing effects but I do get an immediate short term relief of pain. The Test Prop is used as a little boost to my normal TRT regimen and I definitely noticed the little bump in dose with added sex drive kicking in very quickly and a little bit of extra weight added on over the period i was using it. Both products were very clean appearing and the BPC mixed easily.

  22. Paul (verified owner)

    international took 3 weeks . as i expected. packaging is great. incomprehensible. My products arrived undamaged.

  23. Julian (verified owner)

    Great Price, Great Service, Great Quality, overall great experience and would recommend others working with them.

  24. Dont kill my pumps (verified owner)

    My experience with pmroids has been amazing. They always respond to any question I have and the products are great. I’ve ordered several times and he walked me through my first order and had been flawless every time.

  25. Robert (verified owner)

    always professional and quick with their responses.

  26. Rushourhead (verified owner)

    Cool stealth from Deus as always.

  27. Liam (verified owner)

    Great communication, kept me updated on the order status and when my order was going to be shipped out.

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