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Imuneks Plus 30 Capsules

Manufacturer: Deva

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Imuneks Plus for sale 

In order for Beta Glucan to bind to Macrophage cells, its particle must be small. 80% particle size of Beta Glucan in IPlus is equal to or smaller than 10 micron

The Micronized beta-glucan used in ImuneksFarma Micro Glucan Plus have been extensively studied for more than 20 years and have multiple human clinical studies.

Active ingredients of Imuneks Plus :

Beta Glucan (1.3 / 1.6) 20 mg, Acerola Cherry Powder 300 mg, Rosehip Extract Powder 100 mg

Usage of Imuneks Plus:

Adults and Children over 11: 1 capsule daily
For children between 4-10: it is recommended that the capsule content be mixed with food or drink


Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
Food Supplements do not replace the normal daily diet.
Keep away from children.
It is not medicine. It is not used to prevent diseases or for treatment purposes.
Please consult your physician in case of pregnancy or breastfeeding, or in case of using any medicine.
Store at room temperature below 25 ° C.

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  1. Isaac (verified owner)

    I don’t like the word “cheap” because it seems to undervalue a brand; however Primesteroidshop is very affordable with great quality products.

  2. Dylan (verified owner)

    I never had any issues so I have not needed to contact customer service.

  3. Avery (verified owner)

    Very responsive and helpful Also added in dbol.

  4. biguriel (verified owner)

    Another top quality source!

  5. Alex123 (verified owner)

    The delivery arrived within a week or so which was the expected turn around time. The packaging and shipping method they use is good and discrete. They secure the products properly within the package to avoid any bumping or breaking.

  6. biguriel (verified owner)

    The package came quick, and discrete. Very professional.

  7. UpstairsPie (verified owner)

    Their customer service is very good. All questions and order set up messages are answered in a timely fashion and professionally. I’ve never had any problems with an order so luckily have never had to have any deep customer service issues even addressed.

  8. Edward (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

  9. Avery (verified owner)

    Halotestin is my favorite and this one always gets me great training sessions. First time I used 30mg ore workout and got a 10kg PR at squats. Definitely legit!

  10. Mateo (verified owner)

    They deserve their reputation, two thumbs up!

  11. EliteDucky (verified owner)

    Got my items in a timely fashion and was in a discreet package.

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