What is PCT: The Best PCT After Cycle and Exploring the Best PCT Cycle to Keep Gains in Bodybuilding


What is PCT: The Best PCT After Cycle and Exploring the Best PCT Cycle to Keep Gains in Bodybuilding

If you’re new to the bodybuilding world, you’ve probably heard about post-cycle therapy (PCT) but have no idea what it is. PCT is an essential component of any steroid cycle, and knowing what it entails will help you prepare for it. This blog post will define PCT, explain what to expect during and after PCT, and show you how to take care of your body during this time. Continue reading to learn more!

What is PCT?

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is a treatment that aims to reduce the negative effects of anabolic steroid cycles. It’s a simple idea, but it’s worth repeating to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

After a steroid cycle, Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) effectively repairs any damage. Hormones released into the body by these drugs during the steroid cycle may harm specific cells and organs.

Changes in blood plasma lipid (fat) levels, increases in estradiol (estrogen), inhibition or complete shutdown of natural testosterone synthesis, and so on are examples of these side effects.

Post Cycle Therapy attempts to restore normal hormone levels, which cause cell and organ damage.

Many of the health issues associated with anabolic steroids can develop in certain people if adequate PCT is not used.

The severity of these side effects varies depending on how the user reacts to the cycle, dosage, and other factors.

However, many of these health conditions may cause long-term harm to the user’s system if the body’s normal testosterone synthesis is not restored following an anabolic steroid cycle.

But first, let’s go over some of the well-known reasons why PCT is necessary following steroid cycles.

What is PCT in Bodybuilding?

You put a lot of strain on your body when you finish an anabolic steroid cycle. The primary issue, which occurs immediately after the steroid cycle ends, is recovery. The first purpose of PCT is mostly about recovery. If the person chooses a more intense PCT, also known as an “extended PCT,” they will also need to concentrate on muscle preservation.

When to Start PCT After Cycle

When to Start PCT After Cycle

PCT should usually start about two weeks after your last anabolic steroid dose depending on the steroid. However, if you don’t know the half-life of the anabolic steroids you’ve been taking, determining this may be difficult. Therefore, you should always do your research on each steroid you wish to take and plan your cycle and PCT after Cycle carefully.

How Long Does PCT Take?

Individual recovery times for PCT will vary. Some people may require 4 weeks to fully recover. Others may need 6 weeks to recover completely from anabolic steroid use. It all depends on how long you’ve been using anabolic steroids and whether you had any issues that required attention during PCT.

Individuals who have used anabolic steroids for a long time may never completely recover. This is why it is critical to limit your steroid use to a specific time period. In general, people who are drug-free heal much faster than those who have been abusing steroids for years.

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Nolvadex PCT

During a steroid cycle, a Nolvadex dose for PCT is used to avoid male breast tissue expansion, also known as gynecomastia. Post-cycle therapy is required for any aromatizing anabolic-androgenic steroid, and Nolvadex is a low-cost, simple, and safe option.

Nolvadex is widely used in post-cycle therapy to restore testosterone levels that have been naturally reduced due to anabolic steroid use.

Nolvadex’s ability to increase testosterone while decreasing estrogen allows the pituitary gland to produce more luteinizing hormone (LH).

Nolvadex is extremely effective at resuming normal testosterone function, allowing you to avoid the symptoms of low T while preserving your cycle gains.

The majority of users will require 4 weeks of Nolvadex for PCT; however, longer or stronger steroid cycles may necessitate 8 weeks of Nolvadex post-cycle therapy in conjunction with additional medications such as aromatase inhibitors. To cover all bases, aromatase inhibitors and HCG are frequently administered alongside Nolvadex during post-cycle therapy.

Nolvadex PCT Dosage

A low Nolvadex dosage for PCT (10mg to 20mg per day) is all that is required to prevent gyno because it binds to estrogen receptors in breast tissue, preventing estrogen from working.

While inexperienced users may be tempted to exceed the maximum recommended dose of 20mg per day during post-cycle therapy, it has been shown that doing so has no effect on testosterone levels.

If the aromatizing effect of the steroids you’re taking is too strong for PCT Nolvadex dosage to work, aromatase inhibitors will almost certainly be required.

Nolvadex Side Effects PCT

The majority of Nolvadex’s side effects have been linked to its use as a SERM in the treatment of female breast cancer. However, because it has been used for a long time by male anabolic steroid users, there is sufficient anecdotal data and personal experience to determine some of the most common side effects in males. We will not discuss the side effects of Nolvadex for women undergoing breast cancer treatment in this essay.

Not only does the medication affect the female body differently, but it is also given for a much longer period of time when used as cancer treatment than when used by men to reduce estrogen side effects while on steroids or during post cycle therapy. As a result, the long-term adverse effects of Nolvadex use aren’t particularly concerning.

So, what are some of the short-term side effects of taking Nolvadex during or after a cycle?

1. Although acne is not the most severe Nolvadex side effect, it is the most likely. This is because your testosterone levels will start to rise, and acne is simply a natural side effect of increasing testosterone levels in some men; not all guys are vulnerable to acne, and if you aren’t, you are unlikely to suffer from this side effect.

2. Nausea and stomach cramps are possible side effects of Nolvadex, although the vast majority of men will never experience them.

Nolvadex’s side effects for cancer therapy include cognitive impairment, hot flashes, and even other types of cancer, but they are not considered a risk factor for males who use this drug for performance enhancement.

The most effective strategy for reducing or eliminating the possibility of Nolvadex side effects is to maintain an appropriate dose.

Clomid PCT

Clomid PCT

Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) is a selective estrogen-receptor modulator (SERM) medication. It’s an anti-estrogen that was created as a fertility treatment for women who don’t ovulate naturally.

It is also used as an alternative to testosterone replacement therapy to treat male hypogonadism, which is why it is so popular among anabolic steroid users.

Clomid is well-known in the bodybuilding industry for its ability to reduce the estrogenic side effects of many steroids during a cycle, as well as to reverse the drop in testosterone levels caused by using steroids, which is why it is used in post-cycle therapy.

Two of the most feared estrogen-related side effects that anabolic steroid users want to avoid are water retention and gynecomastia. Clomid can help with both of these side effects, which can have serious consequences if left untreated.

Excess water retention not only harms your body and obscures your gains, but it can also cause an increase in blood pressure. Clomid is an extremely valuable tool in the arsenal of any anabolic steroid user for all of these reasons.

Clomid PCT Dosage

Clomid is commonly used in low doses to mitigate the estrogenic side effects of an anabolic steroid cycle. Most men will discover that their Clomid dose PCT requirements start from 25mg per day, which is sufficient to prevent these negative effects for the duration of the cycle.

If unpleasant side effects occur, some people will increase their Clomid PCT dosing to 50-100 mg per day. Taking Clomid at levels higher than 100mg per day is not thought to help reduce side effects. Another SERM, such as Nolvadex or Toremifene, is likely to be required. If unpleasant side effects persist while using the Clomid dosage required for PCT, an aromatase inhibitor prescription may be required in rare cases.

It is also critical to remember that your PCT Clomid dose must be followed at all times in order to avoid any negative effects. Failure to follow your Clomid dosing PCT instructions can cause more harm than good.

Clomiphene for Men

Male bodybuilders and other steroid users commonly use Clomiphene Citrate, also known as Clomid, for PCT. This is due to the fact that Clomiphene Citrate is the only medication on the market that prevents the body from converting testosterone to estrogen.

Clomid for Women

Clomiphene Citrate, also known as Clomid, is not commonly recommended for female bodybuilders and steroid users because it interferes with a female’s natural estrogen levels, causing undesirable side effects such as irregular menstruation cycles, depression, thinning hair, and dry skin.

Female Clomid PCT Dosage 

Because Clomid was created with women in mind as a fertility aid, the recommended Clomid PCT dose is 50 mg per day, with some women requiring an increase to 100 mg on occasion.

This dosage is the same as the one for men listed above. This shows that the most effective Clomid PCT dosage is 50 mg or 100 mg, with higher doses providing little benefit while increasing the risk of side effects.

However, a PCT Clomid dose is likely to be unnecessary for female steroid users because estrogenic side effects and testosterone suppression do not affect them.

Remember that one of the keys to a successful Post Cycle Therapy is the optimal Clomid dose PCT.

Best PCT Cycle to Keep Gains

Post Cycle Therapy is the most effective way to maintain the gains from your steroid cycles. This will assist the body in avoiding a variety of hormonal irregularities that may result from steroid use.

PCT after Cycle (For Experienced Steroid Users)

PCT after Cycle (For Experienced Steroid Users)

Advanced steroid users should use Post Cycle Therapy to help their bodies recover after high-dose steroid cycles. The withdrawal symptoms of the user are likely to be more severe the longer he uses steroids.

Experienced users who perform Post Cycle Therapy have fewer negative side effects than those who do not. Although experienced users may not need PCT as much as novices, it is still an effective way to mitigate the effects of a shutdown.

An example of post-cycle therapy for experienced steroid users is shown below. But first, we need to figure out which steroids and vitamins are needed for this PCT.

Muscle Support PCT Stack

A muscle support PCT stack is a supplement mixture that can aid in the recovery of the body after an anabolic steroid cycle.

The following are the most common muscle support PCT stack ingredients:

Terrestris Tribulus (testosterone booster)

DAA (diaminoaspartic acid) is a type of amino acid (D-aspartic acid)

– Zinc (aids in the production of testosterone) (increases testosterone production)

– Magnesium (increase testosterone production)

– B6 vitamin

Rebirth PCT

Rebirth PCT is an over-the-counter PCT supplement aimed at athletes looking to boost their performance. It functions as a PCT, allowing you to recover quickly after your cycle. Rebirth PCT contains ten powerful and thoroughly tested components to help you recover completely. If you use this product, you will not experience any negative side effects. Rebirth PCT is the most comprehensive product available, acting as an anti-estrogen as well as a testosterone booster.

Rebirth PCT Reviews

Customers have only had positive things to say about Rebirth PCT, and they typically report excellent results, such as seeing improvements in a short period of time, a significant reduction in acne, and their skin clearing up.

Other PCT Drugs that Have Been Proven Great in Bodybuilding PCTs

Aromasin (Exemestane)

Exemestane was approved by the FDA in 1999 and was first used in 2000. It is employed in the treatment of both early and late-stage breast cancer. This drug is an aromatase inhibitor. Exemestane is also known by the brand names, Aromasin and others.

Male bodybuilders who want to avoid the negative effects of high estrogen levels, such as gynecomastia and water retention, frequently use Aromasin. If you have a history of breast cancer or benign breast disease, you should avoid using this drug because it will not prevent breast cancer or benign breast disease unless your doctor prescribes it. This is due to the fact that it is used to treat rather than prevent estrogen-related disorders. Some evidence suggests that it may help patients avoid kidney stones, but more research is needed.

Aromasin is an oral medication with a typical dose of 25mg per tablet. It is commonly administered by middle-aged men and is not usually recommended for women.

Letrozole (Femara)

Letrozole, an aromatase inhibitor (AI), was first used to treat breast cancer. Aromatase is the enzyme responsible for the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Inhibiting this enzyme can increase testosterone levels while decreasing estrogen levels in the body. Bodybuilders benefit from this because it lowers the risk of gynecomastia (male breast development) and other estrogen-related side effects.

Letrozole lowers estrogen levels in the body by inhibiting the action of aromatase. This can result in an increase in testosterone levels, which is advantageous for bodybuilders looking to improve physical growth and strength. Letrozole can also help to reduce the amount of fat in the body, which is beneficial for people who are trying to lose weight.


SARMs, or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, are a type of drug that has gained popularity in the bodybuilding community recently. They have several advantages over traditional anabolic steroids, including increased muscle mass, reduced fat mass, and increased bone density.

But just what is a SARM? SARMs are androgen receptor ligands, which means they can bind to androgen receptors in the body and cause anabolism. In other words, SARMs can help you bulk up, lose weight, or increase your power and performance without the negative side effects of anabolic steroids.

Ligand Pharmaceuticals was the first to develop SARMs in the year 2000. The initial goal of SARMs was to develop a medication that could be used to treat conditions like muscular atrophy and osteoporosis while also providing a safer alternative to anabolic steroids.

SARMs were not recognized and used by the bodybuilding community until a few years later. Ostarine, andarine, and ligandrol are the most commonly used SARMs in bodybuilding.

As previously stated, SARMs have significant advantages over traditional anabolic steroids. The most notable advantages are increased muscle growth, increased energy levels, no side effects, and the ability to be used for both bulking and cutting cycles.

SARMs are becoming increasingly popular among bodybuilders and athletes looking to improve their performance, and their popularity will only grow as more research is conducted on them.

SARMs are commonly used by bodybuilders and athletes looking to improve their performance as a safer and more effective alternative to anabolic steroids. As previously stated, SARMs have several advantages over traditional anabolic steroids, including increased muscle mass, decreased fat mass, and fewer side effects.

SARMs can be used for Post-Cycle Therapy in a variety of ways.

The following SARMs are the most often used for PCT:

  • Androxal is a SARM used to boost testosterone levels. It can be used for PCT to aid in the recovery of the body from the stress of exercise and weightlifting.
  • Ostarine is a SARM that is frequently used in PCT. It aids in improving the outcomes of your cycle and avoiding negative consequences such as gyno.
  • Andarine is a SARM that is frequently used in PCT. It improves your performance while lowering your risk of injury.

Additional SARMs can be used for PCT, but these are the most common. It is critical to consider the individual’s needs and goals when selecting a SARM for PCT. Because there are several SARMs available, it is vital to choose the one that best fulfills.

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