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Ultimate Stack – Bulking + Cutting Cycle 10 Weeks

Manufacturer: Beligas

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Duration: 8 weeks (Minimum) Products Name – 1 x Anavar 50mg 1 x Winstrol 20mg 1 x Dianabol 20mg 1 x Testosterone Enanthate / Test E 300 (Injectable) Shipping Time: US domestic shipping(5-7 Days)



Ultimate Stack Bulking and Cutting Cycle

The bulking and cutting Ultimate stack is a highly effective approach for bodybuilders looking to optimize their muscle gains while also achieving a lean and sculpted physique. This powerful combination involves two distinct phases: bulking and cutting.


During the bulking phase, bodybuilders consume a surplus of calories to provide their muscles with the necessary nutrients for growth. They focus on high-intensity strength training workouts and incorporate compound exercises to stimulate muscle hypertrophy. Additionally, a bulking Ultimate stack may include supplements like creatine, protein powders, and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) to enhance muscle growth, strength, and recovery.


After a designated period of bulking, bodybuilders transition into the cutting phase, which is aimed at shedding excess body fat while maintaining muscle mass. During this phase, caloric intake is reduced, and cardio exercises are incorporated to promote fat loss.


A cutting  Ultimate stack may include supplements such as thermogenics, fat burners, and appetite suppressants to support the metabolism, enhance energy levels, and aid in the preservation of lean muscle mass.

The bulking and cutting Ultimate stack approach allows bodybuilders to strategically manipulate their nutrition and training to achieve their desired physique. By alternating between these two phases, they can build solid muscle mass during the bulking phase and then reveal the muscle definition and vascularity during the cutting phase.


It is important to note that individual variations and goals may require adjustments to the specific protocols, so consulting with a qualified fitness professional or nutritionist is recommended to tailor the Ultimate stack to personal needs. With a dedicated workout regimen, proper nutrition, and the bulking and cutting Ultimate stack, bodybuilders can optimize their gains and achieve impressive transformations.

What is  Anavar 50mg

Anavar 50mg is a popular choice among bodybuilders due to its numerous benefits. This potent anabolic steroid promotes lean muscle growth, enhances strength, and aids in fat loss. It provides consistent results with minimal side effects, making it ideal for both male and female athletes. Anavar 50mg also improves endurance, accelerates recovery, and doesn’t convert to estrogen, ensuring a quality physique transformation.

What is Winstrol 50mg


Winstrol 20mg is a popular choice among bodybuilders due to its positive effects on muscle growth and performance. It promotes lean muscle mass and enhances strength, making it ideal for cutting cycles. With its low androgenic properties, Winstrol minimizes the risk of androgenic side effects. Bodybuilders appreciate its ability to enhance vascularity and promote a chiseled physique. Its oral form and convenient dosage make it a favorable choice for athletes.


What is  D-BAL 50mg


Dianabol 20mg is a popular choice among bodybuilders seeking muscle gains and increased strength. With its potent anabolic properties, this oral steroid stimulates protein synthesis and enhances nitrogen retention, leading to rapid muscle growth.


Bodybuilders appreciate its ability to promote faster recovery, improved endurance, and heightened performance. However, it’s important to note that Dianabol should be used responsibly, following proper dosage and cycling protocols, to minimize potential side effects.

What is  Test E 400mg

Testosterone Enanthate, also known as Test E 300, is a widely used injectable steroid among bodybuilders. This compound offers numerous benefits, including increased muscle mass, strength, and endurance.  Test E 300 enhances protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, leading to accelerated muscle growth and recovery.

It also promotes bone density and boosts red blood cell production for improved oxygen delivery. When used responsibly and with proper guidance, Test E 300 can be a valuable asset for bodybuilders seeking optimal performance and physique development.


Instructions for Ultimate cycle.
♣Anavar 50mg per day
♣Winstrol 50mg per day
♣D-BAL 50mg per day
♣Test E 400mg per week twice in week 200mg per dosage

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  1. Scooter81 (verified owner)

    Prices are hard to beat and have never had a pkg seized Excellent quality, fantastic prices and reliable service One of the top sources for a reason!!!

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    Tight, professionally packed, discreet. Arrived when it said it would and within the TA posted for international.

  3. ajnodhynson (verified owner)

    Masteron was and is still dosed at 200mg per week. It gives me a great sense of well being and bodyfat is down without trying much on the diet part. Also sex drive is crazy high.

  4. Isaac (verified owner)

    Overall excellent source, gear and customer service Highly recommended Thanks Prime Steroids

  5. Kayden (verified owner)

    Fastest responses than anyone else from my experience.

  6. Ryan (verified owner)

    Prices are hard to beat and have never had a pkg seized Excellent quality, fantastic prices and reliable service One of the top sources for a reason!!!

  7. android4life13 (verified owner)

    My Overall experience was great

  8. 1L0503137 (verified owner)

    They now what they do.Communication very smooth with ordering process.

  9. dastric (verified owner)

    Very smooth ordering process, had a hiccup while processing payment and their support team was very responsive and had the issues cleared up within 12 hours. Processed payment and had updated status within a day.

  10. Daniel (verified owner)

    Package arrived a day earlier which is always great news. Very discrete packing, secure, and clean. The turn around time was under the average TA listed.

  11. 1L0503137 (verified owner)

    the way everything was handle by this source honestly gave me the confidence that i was looking for to continues doing business with them. keep it up!!!

  12. DiscoDave (verified owner)

    Gotta be the best on here I’ll be buying more from here no worries at all and the products are excellent and his customer service is excellent as well.

  13. bigchips27 (verified owner)

    I ordered the following ultima products and I’m very pleased All products are properly dosed and I’ve been using them for 3 months now.

  14. Cfit777 (verified owner)

    Great and prompt fast delivery, with tracking included. Website easily used and categories are used for easy access to different types of compounds.

  15. Andre1102 (verified owner)

    The best of the best. Always included a free bottle of something on my last couple of orders. Always responsive and ready to help and answer questions.

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    Usually drops within a week and delivery 10-14 days later so less than stated T/A

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    Discrete & on time, simple is always better.

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    The communication is top notch. The person i was talking to is very helpful and didn’t spare an effort to make things work smoothly.

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