Types Of Steroids For Bodybuilding Muscle Growth

Steroids For Bodybuilding

Types Of Steroids For Bodybuilding Muscle Growth

Anabolic steroids, or bodybuilding steroids, are artificial hormones possessing health and fitness-boosting properties. They are the derivatives of the male anabolic hormone called testosterone and, so, bear similarities in structure and properties.

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What are bodybuilding steroids?

Anabolic steroids, or bodybuilding steroids, are artificial hormones possessing health and fitness-boosting properties. They are the derivatives of the male anabolic hormone called testosterone and, so, bear similarities in structure and properties. These manmade hormones were synthesized in the 1030s for medical purposes, and ever since, have been facilitating different goals.

In general, health experts use these substances as a treatment plan for hormonal imbalances bodybuilding steroids for beginners. Some of these variants assist with problems like anemia, osteoporosis, cancer, muscle wasting, bone mineral deficiency, and so on. On the fitness front, anabolic steroids induce muscular growth, strength, fat loss, performance, and vascularity—all at a faster pace.

These substances expand the nitrogen capacity to instigate a higher degree of protein synthesis for increased protein in the body. This protein helps muscles regenerate after workouts, annihilate unhealthy fat, and grow a leaner and bigger build.

Anabolic steroids are available in several forms, from injectables to oral formulations. In general, oral steroids have a comparatively shorter half-life, and are easy to consume. Similarly, their dosing patterns are different, as injectables require intramuscular, subcutaneous, or intravenous administration, while oral pills simply go by ingestion.

Some of the all time popular anabolic steroids are:

Most powerful steroid:

The steroidal range is vast and can be classified into three main categories.

  • One that works to jack up muscular growth (bulking steroids)
  • Steroids that work for dynamic strength and performance (strength steroids)
  • Steroids that trigger fat burning in the body (cutting steroids)

The strongest steroid for bulking is Trenbolone anabolic steroids list. The strongest steroid for strength is Dianabol , and the strongest steroid for cutting is Anavar. The power of these substances depends on their anabolic index. Some have a higher rating while others have a moderate one.

Overall, steroids are no short of dynamite on the liver. They induce anabolism but have an intimidating safety profile for you to deal with. As you cycle, you can expect your liver to undergo great stress and your blood pressure to spike. Moreover, they transform into DHT and then into estrogen, fueling problems like water retention and man boobs in men.

So as long as problems like hepatotoxicity and high blood pressure do not frighten you, you can count on them. These hormones can assist with upgraded progressive overload, record muscle hypertrophy, fine sculpting, and higher leverage during your training.

Yes, there are ways to lower the risks of complications, such as by following a PCT or using aromatase inhibitors. But since these methods lower rather than eliminate the risks, my inclination has always been towards their legal equivalents!

Steroid results- My before and after steroid results:

So throughout my bodybuilding phase, I have stumbled upon many legal steroids professional bodybuilding steroids. However, I believe that the performance boosters that are beyond compare in effects and quality are:

  1. D-Bal
  2. Trenorol
  3. Decaduro
  4. Anvarol
  5. Clenbutrol

Steroid results before and after:

D-Bal results (8-week cycle):

I started D-Bal (the alternative to Dianabol) when I weighed just 52 kg at 5’11″ and was 23 years old. It was my first off-season (muscle-building phase), and I was crazily eating proteins and lifting really huge loads. The first two weeks were about some unnoticeable changes, except for increasing growth in my power output. But by the 3rd week onward, I started gaining an inch-by-inch enlargement in size with an evident surge in endurance. I would feel full of energy and have the stamina that could literally break records. The quality of muscle growth was apparent, as my muscles would feel solid and dry. By the end of four weeks, the difference in my weight was seven pounds of pure muscle gain. The next four weeks were all about the intensification of strength and muscular growth I observed during the initial month.

Trenorol results (8-week cycle):

I started cycling Trenorol much later in my bodybuilding years, but I genuinely regret using it this late. This is a natural alternative to Trenbolone, with many regarding it as the powerhouse of muscle hypertrophy. Likewise, it kicked in with a growth in strength that began to get more extreme by the third week. Frankly speaking, my intention with Trenorol was to preserve and maintain my muscles. The real surprise, however, has been the phenomenal volumization of cells. Thirty days of dosing resulted in visible muscle fullness, increased vascularity, and endurance to withstand the pressures of training. Apparently, the legal steroid was working on my overall body aesthetics, as I could observe a “finishing” effect all around. The next 30 days brought hard-core gains and a physique that speaks dynamism

Decaduro results (8-week cycle):

Decaduro was more of a recommendation after I’d been trying different performance boosters to fill out my sleeve. It was my initial period when I would often hit plateaus and find it impossible to break my 1-rep max. So I started taking Deca pills for that outrageous strength that could help me climb up the performance stairs! Overall, the legal steroid did more than just support my performance. Throughout my 4-week and subsequent 4-week periods, I was literally hitting the gym as aggressively as I could. I developed an extremely high level of endurance while also gaining mass. On the whole, I found myself in a mental state where I was more enthusiastic and up for the challenge.

4- Anvarol (8-week cycle):

Anvarol taps into the mode of continuous fat loss, and that too, without impairing the quality of your bulk. To be honest, I had high hopes for the formula because it claims to sculpt your muscles in the same way that the infamous steroid Anavar does. And just as I expected, it triggered immense fat burning, causing my muscles to tone and sculpt within weeks. Mass gainers generally need a good fat-loss agent by the end of their off-season. However, they frequently worry about losing muscle fullness and quality when they cut fat. Anvarol has been extremely efficient in this regard. It caused no harm to my gains or the rigidness of my bulk while replacing the fat with muscle cells. During the 8-week span, I gained higher endurance, smashing through my training limits like a pro!

5- Clenbutrol (8-week cycle):

Clenbutrol and Anvarol seemed to have similar fat-burning effects to me. However, Clenbutrol is the natural alternative to the beta2-adrenergic agonist, Clenbuterol. So it promises and, in fact, works through a very safe strategy in the body. My target with clenbutrol was a healthy body composition. Or to be precise, shed 11 pounds of fat weight without losing an inch of muscle volume. Amazingly, the formula helped me achieve my target almost by the 6th week, leaving my muscles feeling tough and carved. Besides higher muscle definition, I noticed great improvements in my workout performance bodybuilding steroids for sale. I no longer experienced fatigue that fast, and soreness in my muscles became a thing of the past!

How do bodybuilding steroids work?

Bodybuilding or anabolic steroids are synthetic hormones that recreate the properties of endogenous hormones like testosterone. By doing so, they increase your body’s capacity to retain nitrogen and activate protein synthesis in the body.

Overall, these drugs come with a significant approach to influencing your health and fitness dynamics. However, in addition to causing some minor complications, they ignite blood pressure while exploiting the liver’s health.

Legal steroids, on the other hand, enhance the body’s natural processes instead of mimicking testosterone legal bodybuilding steroids. These substances induce the natural growth of anabolic hormones through supplying nutrients that are essential to upgrade your nutrient profile. By cycling these alternatives, you can safely bulk up, cut fat, lose weight, build dynamic stamina, and perform beyond boundaries.

Bodybuilding steroids pros and cons:

To evaluate the significance of anabolic steroids, let me highlight the good and bad they surround:


  • Increases fat-free muscle mass by encouraging lipolysis and nitrogen retention
  • Creates ATP to lift heavier loads and blunt the occurrence of fatigue
  • Improves cardiac output by increasing oxygen circulation
  • Reduces recovery times by augmenting the amount of HGH
  • Offers a super-quick edge in fitness and performance by offering testosterone-like effects


  • Causes extreme side effects such as hepatitis, stroke, hormonal imbalance, high blood pressure, fertility problems, liver disease
  • Illegal to consume for recreational purposes
  • Requires prescription for purchasing

Bodybuilding steroids dosage:

Fitness experts often set doses considering factors like:

  • Tolerance
  • Fitness level
  • Half-life
  • Bioavailability
  • Efficacy
  • Anabolic ratio of the substance in question

In general, the doses begin with the lowest to build tolerance, gradually taking an upward shift until reaching the daily/ weekly limit. Since men have a higher tolerance to anabolic drugs, their dosages are comparatively stronger than women.

In anabolic steroids, any strength below 7.5 mg a day indicates a strength poor in potency. Any concentration around 40 mg a day is a reasonable dose. However, any dose greater than 40 mg a day is too powerful for the human body pro bodybuilding steroids.

Bodybuilding steroids benefits:

Anabolic steroids promote monster growth with the Hulk-like ferocity every man—and sometimes, women—secretly desire. They are the gateway to a body that exudes masculine charm and scores highly in physical aesthetics.

During the 8-week course, these drugs can help you gain around 20 pounds of pure muscle growth, figuratively. The number can be increased for those who are able to tolerate and choose to take the 12-week course. However, injecting yourself or consuming these man-made hormones is not enough to promote significant gains. The key is to follow a diet and an extensively planned workout regimen that best support the properties they possess. Only then, you can expect to expand your frame and achieve substantial muscle definition.

Where to buy steroids in 2023?

Pharmaceutical companies possess the license to manufacture and sell anabolic steroids. These companies are physically and virtually present as some highly popular brands that deliver these drugs for health-related reasons. This indicates that you can procure anabolic steroids by presenting a prescription substantiating your medical needs. Click HERE To Get The Best steroids Bodybuilding

However, many fitness experts and enthusiasts are endorsing their health-friendly alternatives that require no prescriptions or entail legal obligations whatsoever. These legal steroids too, are high in efficacy, but their safety profile does not endanger your wellbeing in any form.

My steroid results- conclusion:

Personally, I have benefited the most from oral steroids, and I believe you can, too, in a completely safe way. These substances are easy to acquire, dose, and make the most of through minimalistic changes in your lifestyle. You can easily buy steroids online and follow the regimen with or without professional supervision.

In addition to their efficacy, they require no prescription or PCT like their anabolic equivalents. You can even repeat the cycle to enhance the quality and maintain your gains.

Bodybuilding steroids FAQs:

Q: How do you take steroids for muscle growth?

There are numerous methods for administering anabolic steroids.The most popular of all are through injections (intramuscular and intravenous) and oral pills.

Q: How many steroid injections can you have?

Maintaining a gap of six weeks between injections is standard practice.

Q: What are the side effects of steroid injections?

Here are some side effects of steroid injections:

  • Soreness and discomfort
  • Bruising
  • Accumulation of blood around the injected area
  • Infection

Q: Types of steroids for bodybuilding:

There are two general types of steroids, one that you ingest (oral steroids) and one that you inject (injectable steroids).

Q- Anabolic steroids price:

The price of anabolic steroids depends upon the substance in question. But in general, one mL of injectable liquid can charge around $10-$15.

Q- Anabolic steroids pills:

There are many steroids available in pills that function in the similar way than injectables. However, they tend to have a half-life comparatively shorter than the latter.

Q: How to use steroids safely for bodybuilding:

Despite the safety precautions, there is always some degree of risks that you cannot eradicate. However, you can follow the doses (avoid overdosing) and follow a PCT (incase of need) to minimize the risks.

Q: Safe steroids for bodybuilding:

Legal steroids like D-bal, Decaduro, and Trenorol are the most promising and safest choices for bodybuilding.

Q: Best anabolic steroids:

Some best anabolic steroids available through prescription are:

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