The Role of Testosterone in Muscle Building


The Role of Testosterone in Muscle Building

Testosterone has many benefits. It is produced in both men and women. It is critical for developing masculine characteristics in men. On the other hand, the production of testosterone in women is low as compared to men.

Here are the key roles in testosterone:

  • boost sex drive
  • Improve mood
  • Enhance the thinking ability and verbal memory
  • Responsible for facial hair in men
  • Improve muscle mass and bone strength

If you are trying to build muscles for aesthetic purposes or you are a bodybuilder, you must know the importance of testosterone.

How Does It Affect Body Fat And Weight?

Low testosterone in men increases weight, fat and reduce the calorie expenditure.  If you have leaner body mass, you will be able to control your weight and boost energy. That’s why bodybuilders take steroids that suppress testosterone. It decreases the fat mass and increases the size of muscles. Along with testosterone therapy, you will have to exercise and continue strength training so that you can experience the best benefits. Once you are off your steroid cycle, you must go on PCT to bring back the production of testosterone to its normal state.

The theory says that testosterone can activate and increase the number of satellite cells. It is a muscle fiber precursor cell. Once it is activated, the cells incorporate into the muscle fiber and make them bigger. It helps form new muscle fiber as well.

Other than this, testosterone also increases the number of the control center. They are present inside the muscle fiber. This increases the presence of androgen receptors in testosterone that is responsible for binding muscles. Therefore, when you train, the sensitivity of these receptors increases your muscles and performance is amplified.

Testosterone has anti-catabolic properties as well. It is capable of blocking catabolic hormones that bind themselves to the receptors. This helps in building as well as maintaining muscles. It has some role to play in increasing the recovery after the workout as well.

Role of Testosterone in Boosting Endurance

Bodybuilders don’t just show interest in testosterone because of its ability to building muscles. It has a lot to do with boosting endurance. It increases EOP to stimulate the production of red blood cells. This increases the ability of the blood to carry oxygen throughout the muscles.

Research has shown that even if you inject testosterone in rodents, they are able to burn fat faster and their energy level increases. The same thing happens in humans. Therefore, when your endurance increases, you are able to spend more time at the gym which further amplifies your muscle mass. Your muscles are able to recover faster than ever. You won’t feel exhausted or tired after your workout regime.

Strength Training and Testosterone

It is believed that if you perform rigorous strength training, it stimulates the production of testosterone. So, the more you spend time in the gym, and the more volume you pick, you will naturally boost the production of this compound in your body.

It is not necessary that you lift weights. Even if you are running or cycle, your testosterone will increase. This boost helps you keep going and you reach your bodybuilding goals in time.

Tips To Maintain Natural Testosterone Level

After your PCT is over, you must follow some tips to maintain a healthy level of testosterone. For that, you don’t need a supplement, you just have to stick to these:

  • If you drink a lot of alcohol, it is time to reduce it, especially when you are trying to regulate the production of this hormone.
  • Don’t go on a starvation diet to keep the testosterone level at their peak. This can mess your muscles.
  • Train with weights. However, don’t overtrain at the same time. Find a balance and it will come a long way in regulating the level of this hormone in your body.
  • Eat plenty of protein. It will not just help you build muscles but boost the production of testosterone.
  • You can also take natural supplements such as ginseng and fenugreek for regulating testosterone. They can also help boost your libido so it is a win-win.

It’s important to understand how your body works so that you can maintain the right level testosterone to build muscles and enhance your performance.

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