Review on Anapolon Course: Full review on dosage and results


Review on Anapolon Course

Oxymetholone, which has the generic names of “Anapolon” or “Anadrol”, is one of the strongest oral anabolic steroids for sale in the USA, and is very popular among American bodybuilders. As a rule, it is taken by experienced athletes who want to achieve maximum results and who already have experience in using steroids. But how do you properly conduct a cycle of Anadrol? What are the advantages of this oral steroid? What side effects can appear from taking it? You will find out the answers to all these questions within this article!

Is Anadrol the best choice?

Before sharing the instructions for using Anapolon with you, we would like to say right away that we do not encourage our inexperienced readers to use performance enhancing drugs on their own. Moreover, we openly urge you to abandon this idea if you are not a frequent gym user, since taking anabolics may not result in the most pleasant consequences if they are not used correctly. The use of anabolic steroids can lead to serious health problems if abused, as you probably know. Therefore, before you ask yourself how to take Anadrol in a steroid cycle, first think about whether you need to take it at all. If you intend to train hard for the foreseeable future, Anapolon will be very beneficial, but if you are a part-time fitness enthusiast, it may not be worth your while.


Making the commitment!

You should be aware that the preparation for an Anapolon cycle (as well as the preparation for any cycle of steroids) should be approached very carefully. As we have already said, oxymetholone belongs to heavier family of steroids and therefore its improper use can lead to serious side effects. To prevent this from happening, do not run a cycle of Anadrol by yourself if you are not experienced with the use of steroids! Be sure to consult with a specialist, who already has extensive experience in this field. You can contact the experienced members of our team for this. In addition, you should ideally have your hormones and blood tests examined, so that we can determine the best approach to the cycle.

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What is Anapolon?

According to various sports sites like “Sportwiki”, Anadrol is an oral anabolic steroid with Oxymetholone as the main active substance. The drug has high anabolic and androgenic properties, for which it is very much loved by many professional bodybuilders and advanced gym users.

An Anapolon cycle is carried out only for gaining muscle mass. The use of the drug in a cycle makes it possible to get an increased amount of muscle in a short amount of time as well as increased strength. Anapolon is also one of the fastest oral steroids for sale in our store so its effect can be felt literally within a few hours after taking the first dose.

Anadrol effect (Results of taking Anapolon)

According to Anadrol reviews, the steroid has the following effects:

  • Rapid growth of high-quality muscle mass
  • Accelerated recovery after training
  • Lack of strong water accumulation
  • Increase in strength indicators
  • Effective when combining it with other steroids
  • Minimal rollback (as a rule, the muscle will be retained after the cycle, only water leaves the body)
  • High level of anabolism.

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Common side effects

Like all heavy oral anabolic steroids, Anapolon is very toxic to the liver, and therefore its use can lead to a serious damage of this organ if taken for too long. The most common side effects of taking Anadrol include nausea, vomiting and indigestion.

Since the steroid reduces the level of iron in the blood, its use can lead to arrhythmias. To prevent this from happening, it is advised to monitor these levels during the cycle. Anapolon also increases blood sugar levels and affects cholesterol levels. People who suffer from venereal diseases or suffer from problems with the cardiovascular system, it is necessary to approach the use of Anadrol with special caution.

Women are not advised to take this drug, because it has high androgenic effects, which can lead to hypertrophy of the clitoris, hair loss on the whole body, seizures of aggression and hoarsening of the voice. Instead, low androgenic orals such as Anavar are advised for female athletes.

In some cases, side effects manifest themselves in the form of jaundice, which, as a rule, passes after the completion of the cycle. Taking liver care supplements after the cycle is complete will help to reduce this side effect.


Anapolon 50mg dose reviews

Anadrol is considered not only one of the most effective, but also one of the most dangerous steroids. As we said earlier, the drug has a high hepatotoxicity, which forces athletes to constantly monitor the condition of their liver. This is why many Anapolon reviews state that if this steroid is taken for 6 weeks or less, no side effects should occur.

People over 50 years of age note that Anadrol strongly suppresses their production of natural testosterone but using hCG alongside these tablets can ensure that your natural testosterone does not become fully suppressed. Women who decided to take this anabolic complain of masculinization, the symptoms of which we have already described above. But this is down to the individual female to weight up the pros and cons before using this compound.

Recommendations for the use of Anapolon

When it comes to taking Anadrol pills, you have two options: either a solo Anapolon cycle, or a stack cycle with other steroids.

If we talk about the first option, then for an Anapolon 50mg cycle, one tablet per day will be enough for beginners. More experienced athletes can use two tablets. Professionals can increase the daily dose to 150mg, that is up to three tablets per day. The main thing is not to exceed this dose, so as not to provoke the appearance of side effects.

The duration of the cycle should not exceed 6 weeks. It makes no sense to continue the cycle for longer, because firstly, it will increase the likelihood of side effects and secondly, it will likely not improve your results in any way. Beginners can use the drug for no more than one month to be sure that side effects do not occur.

Anapolon 50mg cycle

The combined cycle of Anadrol + Sustanon is very popular. Sustanon is an injectable steroid compound that contains 4 esters of testosterone. When it is used, the probability of the transformation of testosterone into estrogen increases. Anapolon in this case acts as a blocker of estrogenic enzymes and helps to level out the hormones within the body to prevent side effects.

Another popular steroid combination for experienced steroid users is Anadrol + Trenbolone Enanthate. A trenbolone anapolon cycle is an extremely powerful bulking cycle that will provide amazing gains in terms of size and strength. However, since they are both very potent steroids, only those with a lot of experience should run this steroid stack.

In addition to these stack cycles, more of the most common combined cycles include “Anadrol + Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca Durabolin)” or “Anadrol + Boldenone”.

You can visit our online store to find more original steroids to buy online in the US. Please contact us regarding the steroids for sale on our website, or for more information on cycle combinations and advice regarding the use of these substances.

Anadrol vs Dianabol

In terms of the form of release and effects, Oxymetholone and Methandienone (Dianabol) are similar. They are both oral steroids used in bulking cycles, and provide a substantial amount of mass, strength, and water weight during a cycle.

Although, Anapolon is known to be “the more powerful Dianabol” since it’s known to give the user slightly better gains, especially in additional fat-burning results. Since Anadrol is the more potent steroid, it can also cause more side effects than with the use of Dbol.

Anadrol before and after

Anapolon results will start to show in the first few weeks of the cycle. Since Oxymetholone is a DHT derivative, it has the upper hand in terms of strength gains compared to Dianabol (up to 30lbs per main lift.) Most users will be able to add up to 50lbs to each lift with use of Anadrol.

Like Dianabol, the increase in mass can be up to 30lbs by the end of the Anadrol cycle and about 30% of this will be water weight. But keeping lean muscle is possible after the cycle if weightlifting stays consistent during post-cycle therapy.

Recommendations from experts on cycling Anadrol

You already know about the basic principles of creating an Anapolon cycle, as well as how this drug acts on the body. Now we would like to give some useful recommendations that will help you reduce the number of side effects and make your cycle more effective.

  1. Be sure to conduct post-cycle therapy. Do not listen to people who say that post-cycle therapy (PCT) is not necessary and that “the side effects will resolve by themselves later”. Such a negligent attitude can lead to serious problems, which can take months, if not years, to solve.
  2. Do not forget about training. For some reason, many people think that steroids are a kind of magic potion that almost magically build up muscles by themself. If you think this, then I’m afraid we have to disappoint you, as no, this does not happen. There will be no point in taking anabolic drugs if you do not train and eat well at the same time. Just like bodybuilders have to, you will need to regularly visit the gym and work out hard to gain results.
  3. Eat right. More or less every experienced gym user knows that nutrition plays the same important role in fitness as the training itself. Again, we repeat that by taking Anadrol, your muscles will not just appear out of thin air, as in order for them to grow, you will need not only to regularly work out in the gym, but also to eat properly while using these compounds.
  4. Get enough rest. Although Anapolon increases the regenerative abilities of the body, this does not mean that you need to kill yourself in the gym every day. Be sure to let your body rest after heavy training sessions to reduce the likelihood of an injury.
  5. Train according to the rules. The use of steroids is not a reason to dabble around in training. Be sure to perform all the exercises as technically as possible and also conduct a full warm-up before each session.

This is where we finish our article. Again, we repeat that all the information provided is intended only for theoretical purposes. Consider the peculiarities of your body and always think with your own head before making the choice to enhance your body!

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