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Depo-Equipoise is an injectable steroid containing 300 mg per ML of the hormone Boldenone Undecylenate.

The effects of Depo-E are pretty straightforward and Depo-E is well-tolerated by most users. Some will experience an increase in appetite while cycling with Depo-E. In fact, Depo-Equipoise has had some previous success in treating those with muscle wasting diseases.

Depo-E can be used in both cutting and bulking cycles and proves to be more beneficial when stacked with other steroids rather than with a solo cycle. Gains during a bulking cycle will not come overnight, but instead will be slow and gradual. It is worth noting that the gains achieved during the cycle will be lean mass.

Depo-E can be used by itself, you won’t find many advanced steroid users that will run Depo-E alone. It is more beneficial when stacked with other powerful compounds and the results will be much more noticeable.

Depo-Eq can be used for cutting, bulking or strength cycles and will provide amazing results when combined with clean eating and consistent training. Depo-E has been and will continue to be cycled by novice athletes as well as the most experienced bodybuilders and athletes.

Latest reviews

  1. Hamm’s (verified owner)

    Overall this was another good experience from this brand. I have had multiple orders through this brand over the years and never have had any negative issues and always had positive experiences with their product.

  2. Phoenix (verified owner)

    Ordered, sent over money and received a nice discreet package in about 2 weeks There was No need to go back and forth with emails so communication was perfect.

  3. Ryan (verified owner)

    Package came fast for international. Secure and well wrapped. Everything you would expect from a professional outfit.

  4. Patrick (verified owner)

    Customer service was outstanding as usual. My contact with them is always minimal because they always get it right and there’s not much reason to have to contact them.

  5. Badgoat1 (verified owner)

    This review is from the Promo they allowed my to participate in a few months ago and I had another positive experience with this source.

  6. Avery (verified owner)

    Will continue to use these guys as my number 1 and main source.

  7. GrowMore (verified owner)

    Arrived on time just as the tracking number indicated. Discrete packaging.

  8. Ryan (verified owner)

    This product was recieved as a promo. No issues with communication. Ordering process was straight forward.

  9. Charles (verified owner)

    Very easy and direct communication.

  10. bangbroHdd (verified owner)

    Not much to say here They respond fast They get your order processed fast And it shows up on time Very easy.

  11. android4life13 (verified owner)

    Very responsive and helpful Also added in dbol.

  12. Phoenix (verified owner)

    Consistently one of the best sources around. Simple ordering, quick delivery and outstanding products. Source is top notch and a great choice to order from

  13. Isaac (verified owner)

    Product arrived quickly and discreetly.

  14. Isaac (verified owner)

    no communication needed, ordering process was smooth.

  15. zorro2021 (verified owner)

    Used high 500 test E and 500 deca and 50mg proviron daily for my bulking cycle and effectively put on about 24lbs in the 12 weeks I was on it. Then switch to Test E Winstrol/Anavar/Superdrol for my 12 week cutting cycle to drop about 20lbs for the stage.

  16. Bryan (verified owner)

    I have had multiple orders with this source over the years and I haven’t had a negative issue. Everything ran smooth because they run a professional business that has earned my trust.

  17. Owen556 (verified owner)

    Always on point. Quick to reply, quick to answer questions or concerns. Had a hiccup on a previous order, made it right + 1.

  18. Patrick (verified owner)

    Just 3 days after the shipping date, package was at my door!

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