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Anavar is a steroid that is very similar to testosterone in its chemical composition and overall effects. One can get their hands on the substance through a prescription indicating its medical use or say, the non-recreational use!

Anavar compounds treat people struggling with bone problems, as it mimics compounds that the body generally produces in men.

Along with that, Anavar works to reduce weight as it encompasses weight loss properties. It is an anabolic steroid that you may also refer to as oxyandrolone.

Click Here to Buy Anavar Anavar recreates the workings of testosterone and has the ability to boost muscle mass while simultaneously reducing fat percentage. This makes it an object of desire for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, alike.


Anavar is a steroid that is very similar to testosterone in its chemical composition and overall effects. One can get their hands on the substance through a prescription indicating its medical use or say, the non-recreational use!

Women who follow Anavar notice changes in their voice, such as hoarseness and facial hair growth. For men, some of the side effects include trouble urinating, breast enlargement or tenderness, etc.

Once an expert prescribes Anavar and is under its watchful eye, these side effects are unlikely to show up. On a quantitative scale, Anavar boosts muscle mass growth by 44%. Considering that its claim to fame is basically fat reduction, where muscle mass takes a back seat, a 44% protein synthesis boost is incredible.

But experts recommend it with a word of caution; its claims of reducing fat and boosting muscle mass are unquestionable. Yet, it does have negative effects (in some cases) on the user’s organs. The liver is the organ that takes the major hit and can paint a severe picture in cases of negligence.


Recreational use of Anavar in North American nations as well as most European nations is illegal. It is allowed in cases where the prescription is confirmed and the motives explained before use.

But that is the usual case with all steroids. The procurement of Anavar is just as easy or just as difficult as other steroids on the market .


Depending on how you consume Anavar, stacking or no stacking, beginner and intermediate-level users should use Anavar exclusively. The steroid reduces fat levels, especially the intramuscular fat for a leaner, toned appearance.

If they follow a set-calorie diet, they may also maximize their muscle growth during the cycle.
In our case, sole users of Anavar should follow a 6-week cycle with the following dosages:

Week    Dose (in grams)
1    0.015 / day
2    ”
3    ”
4    0.020 / day
5    ”
6    ”

Considering that the users are at best at an intermediate level, this is an ideal dose plan.
In some cases, the cycle may be stretched to 8 weeks. It is when they consistently consume 15 mg/day for the period allocated.


There isn’t one dosage cycle that can fit everyone’s needs. But, depending on your goals and awareness of your body’s tolerance, you can adjust the dosage accordingly.

A beginner is a newcomer. An expert is someone who has experience with steroid use and is aware of its ins and outs.

The side effects are a very real threat when it comes to Anavar consumption.

One must keep in mind that anything more than the recommended dose or time limit can cause damage. Men’s maximum daily dosage varies from 15 mg per day to 25 mg per day. The time limit should never exceed 8 weeks. If so, this can result in serious health problems.

Women, on the other hand, require a lower dosage and even a time limit. The time limit of their course should not exceed 6 weeks.
The dosage at this time has a ceiling of 10 mg per day. If they treat the limits casually, the side effects, such as virilization, can all be very real threats.


The before and after of an Anavar cycle depend on factors such as dosage, time, training, and genetic makeup.

Regardless of those factors, if I were to provide a general scene, it would be something like the following:

In a period of 5 to 6 weeks of usage, the user should gain about 15 pounds of muscle mass. Simultaneously, you lose 7 to 10 pounds of body fat. This may seem minimal at first, but it has a huge visual impact along with a performance difference.

The user may seem very muscular; every muscle region can seem extremely pronounced and on edge. This is a shift from a bloated, chubby look to a muscular, cutting-edge look in a period of six weeks.

In the gym, performance will be dramatically amplified. If you were lifting 100 pounds before the cycle, you may now lift 120 pounds. That is a 20% net growth in performance in a period of 5 to 6 weeks.


Anavar promises to deliver during the course of its cycle, i.e., six weeks.

Some people claim that there is a need to repeat the cycle to sketch the body you desire.

The results after two weeks would not be dramatic. But in the case of excess accumulated fat, they will be evident.

You may notice a steady reduction in fat accumulation, which is a very critical step. The space that it creates will be taken by the muscles that grow in the latter phase of the course.

One would also notice that the effect of Anavar depends a lot on the consumer’s routine. It would be slow if the user is not working out or making the most of their time. Contrarily, it would be rapid if they train and get into a position that best favors the effects of Anavar.


It can be very quick or sluggish, depending upon the makeup of the body (genetics, body type, etc.). More importantly, you should not compromise on the controllable things about your body during the course of Anavar.

Get yourself in a place where Anavar compounds can thrive in your system.
It usually works as quickly as two weeks after consumption. If that is the case, one can expect fast and lasting changes over the course of 6 weeks maximum.
Some fastest recipients of Anavar compounds are:
    Ripped muscles
    Reduced fat
    No bloating at all
    Extremely pronounced muscles abs, shoulders, and arms


If you plan for 8 weeks (20 mg/ day), it would require 1,120 mg of Anavar to complete the course.

The above requirement example is for an intermediate-to early-expert-level user. So, it encapsulates all kinds of users underneath. Anything more than the above example of 1,120 mg is excessive and dangerous to use.

If the user is a woman with the same level of experience with anabolic steroids, the recommendations would be different. She can consume about 10 mg maximum per day for 6 weeks. To cover a course such as this, she would need 420 mg in total.


Anavar mimics the hormone testosterone. It goes into the blood stream, causing an increase in energy, which enables the user to work out more aggressively. It also provides strength to lift more weights and spend more time in the gym.

Along with that, Anavar assists in protein synthesis, which kick-starts muscle regeneration while provoking metabolism.

So, Anavar is a versatile steroid that promotes recomposition, which includes both muscle building and fat burning. It also increases your energy and strength, allowing you to use these abilities in the gym.

The user may also experience an increase in mood swings, aggression, etc. These are the side effects of compounds that closely resemble the effects of testosterone.


Expectations should be realistic to begin with. If the user is using it for the first time, the compound can cause effects on the body. Some people use it for a long time until Anavar really gets going. However, this is a risky affair that constantly puts your liver under strain.

Though it depends on your dosage, time, and genetic makeup, along with how much hard work is put in. Undeniably, the ideal body is the result of all these factors.
If the expectations are realistic, the user will enjoy the courses and will not abuse the compounds. And in most cases, the responsible user will get the body they desire eventually.


If you use Anavar in a “responsible way,” you can expect smooth sailing and fruitful results. If not, you can expect severe health scares. These may include liver toxicity, breast enlargement, and heart problems, to say the least.

Since the downside is so great, one should go slow to build tolerance to the compound first. Metaphorically, it is like checking the depth of the river without using both your feet.

Anavar is a famous anabolic steroid, which suggests that most users have a good time using the steroid. It has a reputation of a great cutting compound with impressive bulking abilities.

All in all, Anavar cycle results can range from unbelievable differences to differences that don’t raise a brow. However, all depend on how and when you use the compound.


The Anavar and Winstrol stack is one of the most famous going into the market.

Anavar provides cutting advantages, whereas Winstrol is praised for its bulking advantages. Since both create the same type of dry and pronounced muscles, water weight loses during the course.

Winstrol is stronger chemically among the two, making it less ideal for beginners. Advanced users and intermediate users are the best fits for these compounds.

This stack causes massive cutting along with a strange phenomenon. Essentially, it causes users to keep muscle mass and even gain it aggressively while also shedding fat. The addition of Winstrol shortens the cycle by two weeks, with a maximum usage of six weeks.

The doses are as follows:

Week    Winstrol (mg)    Anavar (mg)
1    20    15
2    ”    ”
3    25    ”
4    ”    20
5    ”    ”
6    ”    ”


Clenbuterol is also one of the cutting agents popular for its body conditioning effects. This stacking of Anavar and Clenbuterol causes the user to simultaneously reduce fat at an unparallel pace.

The clenbuterol causes thermogenesis, which causes the body temperature to rise even at rest. The ultimate effect is the fat to melt off the body slowly.
It also boosts metabolism and reduces water weight that makes Clen pills as effective as Anavar pills.

The stacking cycle is relatively longer as compared to others. The duration and doses for advanced or intermediate users are:

Days    Clenbuterol (mg)    Anavar (mg)
1-3    20    20
4-6    30    ”
7-9    40    ”
10-12    50    ”
13-15    60    ”
16-18    70    ”
19-21    80    ”
22-24    90    ”
25-27    100    ”
28-30    110    ”
31-37     –    ”
38-44     –    ”
45-51     –    ”
52-60     –    ”


Both these compounds seem related, mimicking each other’s properties as well as influences. Yet, the consumption doses, timing, and effects in the long run may differ from each other.

The following are the doses and time span one should follow for the test and anavar stack:
Week    Testosterone(mg)    Anavar (mg)
1    200    15
2    ”    ”
3    300    ”
4    ”    20
5    ”    ”
6    350    ”
7    ”

The stack is suitable for intermediate or active users of anabolic compounds, owing to their higher tolerance than others.

Testosterone provides a bulking effect  and increases muscle mass at a rate that Anavar cannot do alone.

Anavar, on the other hand, would reduce fat accumulation and make space for testosterone-induced muscle mass.


The best way to procure Anavar is not through an unknown pharmacy or retailer. Click Here to Buy Anavar Online

The best way is to purchase it from the official manufacturer and supplier themselves. They would recommend the best ways to consume, doses, and other useful information that is extremely important. Along with that, buyers can enjoy monetary benefits such as discounts.

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