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Bitiron is indicated for the therapeutic treatment of asthma, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. The active ingredient in Bitiron is Salbutamol. It acts on the beta 2 receptors in the lungs, triggering a relaxation of the smooth muscles in the airways, or to be more specific, the bronchi. As a result of this, the airways widen and the flow of air available to the patient’s lungs increases.

Bitiron T3 and T4 Mix

Bitiron is normally administered once daily at a dosage of one tablet, but your individual instructions will depend on your age, weight, current health, the condition being treated, and the severity of your symptoms. These should be swallowed whole and unaltered and may be taken with or without food, although a snack or meal is recommended prior to use if you experience nausea. Never change the tablets` form by crushing or splitting them as this may destroy or alter the effects of their contents.

T3 and T4 Mix  may not be suitable for patients affected by hyperthyroidism, diabetes, disorders which cause convulsions, hypertension and cardiovascular. Doctors will need to exercise caution if treating patients in this category.

If you notice that the dosage prescribed by your doctor is not effective or if a deterioration of symptoms occurs, you must immediately seek the advice of your doctor, as this may indicate that your asthma is worsening.

Supplements must be taken carefully and under expert guidance for maximum benefit. Please consult your doctor before starting any supplements to weigh the pros and cons and side effects if any, and especially if you have any pre-existing health condition.)



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  1. bigchips27 (verified owner)

    Amazing, Always quick to respond. Had a little confusion with bitcoin but they were quick to respond

  2. Isaac (verified owner)

    International but still arrived maybe lil earlier in 2 weeks for this order. Didnt get seized so shipping is 10 in my book

  3. Rosschestzip (verified owner)

    Package arrived with everything intact, no damage. From the moment I clicked ‘order’ to when it landed on my doorstep in Europe, it was 6 weeks. Since they had to reship after the package got lost in transit.

  4. Fallen_Blue (verified owner)

    Top notch quality. This is often faked so it’s nice when you find some legit Proviron. 50 mg worked like a charm. That’s how I can tell if it’s legit. I never need more than that’s

  5. Phoenix (verified owner)

    Order process was simple and uncomplicated.I will be giving this source future business.

  6. kth3446 (verified owner)

    Thank you for the generous promo primesteroids.

  7. Brozowski265 (verified owner)

    Awesome domestic T/A with these guys! Have had my products within 5 days on three orders now. One of the main reasons I keep going back. Packaging was great, no worries there.

  8. Samuel (verified owner)

    Easy to order and very quick delivery. Product works perfectly and going to keep my and the lady very happy 😉

  9. Lyn1987 (verified owner)

    My package arrived earlier then expected(I think it only took a week) package was very discreet and safely packaged!!! As easy as Amazon.

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