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Beginner Bulking Cycle 12 Weeks

Manufacturer: Ultima Pharmaceuticals

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4 x Ultima-Dbol 10 - Ultima Pharmaceuticals [50 pills x 10 mg] 3 x Ultima-Mix - Ultima Pharmaceuticals [10 ml x 250 mg/ml] 2 x Ultima-HCG 5000IU - Ultima Pharmaceuticals [1 vial x 5000 IU] 2 x Ultima-Nolva - Ultima Pharmaceuticals [50 pills x 20 mg]



Beginner Bulking Cycle 12 Weeks

Brand: Ultima Pharmaceuticals


Ultima-Dbol 10:
Weeks 1-2: 15 mg/day
Week 3: 20 mg/day
Week 4-5: 25 mg/day
Week 6-7: 30 mg/day
Week 8: 35 mg/day
Week 9: 25 mg/day
Week 10: 20 mg/day
Weeks 11-12: 15 mg/day

Weeks 1-2: 350 mg/week
Weeks 3-5: 700 mg/week
Weeks 6-8: 1050 mg/week
Weeks 9-10: 700 mg/week
Weeks 11-12: 350 mg/week

Ultima-HCG 5000IU:
Weeks 13-14: 5000 IU/week

Ultima-Nolva is taken, 10 mg per day, every day, for all cycles.


Latest reviews

  1. Zohar (verified owner)

    This order was for BPC-157 and Test Prop 100. The BPC I have been using for my elbow and keeping it healthy for arm wrestling. I have experienced an anti-inflammatory effect in the short term using BPC which makes training and competing with my elbow much more tolerable. In fact I don’t use any advil during times when I use BPC and this brand was no different. It’s hard to say the long term healing effects but I do get an immediate short term relief of pain. The Test Prop is used as a little boost to my normal TRT regimen and I definitely noticed the little bump in dose with added sex drive kicking in very quickly and a little bit of extra weight added on over the period i was using it. Both products were very clean appearing and the BPC mixed easily.

  2. Owen (verified owner)

    Cialis is also great, it feels as strong as pharma grade!

  3. Nicholas (verified owner)

    Cialis is also great, it feels as strong as pharma grade!

  4. 1L0503137 (verified owner)

    Consistently one of the best sources around. Simple ordering, quick delivery and outstanding products. Source is top notch and a great choice to order from

  5. Liam (verified owner)

    Honest , packing as always , clever and all came safe , delivery time to be honest, didn’t pay much attention for but all were on time for my cut cycle .

  6. kth3446 (verified owner)

    The arrival of my packages was quick and well done!

  7. adam777 (verified owner)

    Items were ordered International warehouse and arrived in approx 5 weeks from order placed Always wrapped securely and discreet.

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