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Aranesp 20 mcg

Manufacturer: Ultima Pharmaceuticals

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  1. DocW (verified owner)

    I have several orders from this source, usually placing orders during promos/discounts, I am poor 🙁 thankfully these guys tend to have frequent promos or sales.

  2. Kayden (verified owner)

    Will continue to use these guys as my number 1 and main source.

  3. Robert (verified owner)

    All good.Felt comfortable whole process.

  4. Alan (verified owner)

    Delivery is always discreet and arrives in 10 days for me This one was no different, so sooner than the 2-3 weeks I’m always expecting.

  5. bigchips27 (verified owner)

    I have not been disappointed whatsoever!

  6. Ryan (verified owner)

    Ciamed 5

  7. TABMEISTER (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. Nice discrete packaging.

  8. Klunfky (verified owner)

    This pricing is more than fair on all of their products. Especially during the promo specials. I always use it as a time to stock up on necessities.

  9. Ryker (verified owner)

    That being said, the shipment arrived earlier than I had expected. Looking forward to future orders due to this.

  10. ajnodhynson (verified owner)

    Arrived on time just as the tracking number indicated. Discrete packaging.

  11. bigzubby (verified owner)

    Consistently one of the best sources around. Simple ordering, quick delivery and outstanding products. Source is top notch and a great choice to order from

  12. vengar (verified owner)

    Honestly I can’t tell you the exact amount of time it took to get here but it was under a week I want to say 5 days but I could be wrong It was fast regardless Everything was intact.

  13. Zalewski (verified owner)

    Awesome guys to order from never had a problem theres a pic of my gear on my profile.

  14. Edward (verified owner)

    Prices are hard to beat and have never had a pkg seized Excellent quality, fantastic prices and reliable service One of the top sources for a reason!!!

  15. sdzfzf (verified owner)

    My package actually arrived earlier than expected and as stated above there are never any issues with deliveries.

  16. ajnodhynson (verified owner)

    The delivery arrived within a week or so which was the expected turn around time. The packaging and shipping method they use is good and discrete. They secure the products properly within the package to avoid any bumping or breaking.

  17. Dominic (verified owner)

    super fast, took about a week to get to my mail box, the packaging was very discreet and secure, everything arrived save and sound.

  18. Bryan (verified owner)

    Will continue to use these guys as my number 1 and main source.

  19. Kinetic_conflict (verified owner)

    Halomed 5

  20. biguriel (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. Nice discrete packaging.

  21. GrowMore (verified owner)

    Call my experience with this source has been good that is why I keep ordering, plus I enjoy the frequent Promos/Sales.

  22. bigzubby (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery.

  23. Nattyboomba (verified owner)

    Amazing as always! super easy, first time using Bitcoin! Super easy, professional and fast!

  24. Zalewski (verified owner)

    Ultima clen 40mcgx 100

  25. JT113 (verified owner)

    Nice discreet packaging, packaged well (lots of bubble insulation to protect vials), no damage to the product

  26. Jackson (verified owner)

    Ultima test/eq 400 and ultima oxy 50. Did a 8 week test eq and var summer cycle and got absoultly ripped and super vascular. The only difficult part was the eq gave me severe hunger pains and it was hard to not over eat. Products were super effective and top notch.

  27. Brozowski265 (verified owner)

    Easy experience overall. Legit products. Priced fairly.

  28. Klunfky (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and great customer service.

  29. Kai (verified owner)

    Amazing, Always quick to respond. Had a little confusion with bitcoin but they were quick to respond

  30. iFit (verified owner)

    Packaging is always good with the orders coming nicely wrapped and tight with a even better tape job!

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