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A-Ret Gel 20g

Manufacturer: Shalaks Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

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A-Ret Gel 20g

A-Ret Gel containing the active ingredient Tretinoin is a form of vitamin A that helps the skin renew itself. It works by unblocking the pores to allow the skin’s natural oil producing glands to function properly and decrease the formation of blackheads and spots. A-Ret Gel also loosens the cells on the surface of the skin to promote turnover of the skin cells and aid the natural exfoliation of the outer layers of the skin. A-Ret Gel can be used in the treatment of acne but cannot be used to cure the condition. Some patients may also use the medication to improve the appearance of the skin and minimize fine wrinkles.

A-Ret Gel is usually applied topically once per day unless otherwise directed by a doctor. Contact a doctor for the correct dosage and length of treatment as it will depend on the patient’s condition and their response to the therapy. Prior to applying A-Ret Gel, wash your hands and affected area with mild soap and allow to air dry for 20 to 30 minutes. Apply a small dose with the fingertips to the affected area and massage it in gently to cover the entire affected area. Your acne may become worst in the beginning of your treatment as it is working on pimples forming inside the skin. A-Ret Gel may take up to 8 to 12 weeks to notice the results from the treatment.

Patients using A-Ret Gel may encounter unwanted side effects such as: warmth or stinging at application site, lightening or darkening of the skin, dry skin, worsening of acne, blistering, crusting or scaling of the skin, eye irritation, oedema.

Contact a doctor immediately should side effects persist or worsen.


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Latest reviews

  1. Kinetic_conflict (verified owner)

    Another one of my top 3 sources, cant say enough good things about this source and the products they offer.

  2. Zyarra (verified owner)

    Great service and quality products!

  3. Nolan (verified owner)

    They always bring the stuff very fast to me, Im in the central europe. Great packaging, not a single problem ever.

  4. bigchips27 (verified owner)

    no communication needed, ordering process was smooth.

  5. 9lives (verified owner)

    The delivery arrived within a week or so which was the expected turn around time. The packaging and shipping method they use is good and discrete. They secure the products properly within the package to avoid any bumping or breaking.

  6. Jonwiggs8 (verified owner)

    They deserve their reputation, two thumbs up!

  7. meshuggah818 (verified owner)

    Package arrived with everything intact, no damage. From the moment I clicked ‘order’ to when it landed on my doorstep in Europe, it was 6 weeks. Since they had to reship after the package got lost in transit.

  8. Alan (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. Nice discrete packaging.

  9. Zyarra (verified owner)

    I received the exact results I was looking for A very clean product that produced no lingering injection site pain Bottle came packaged well and authentication codes worked I have noticed a more vascular, dense look in my body and an increase in my libido.

  10. Bryan (verified owner)

    I have not been disappointed whatsoever!

  11. drjpg74 (verified owner)

    This is probably the 6th or 7th time ive used this source, international delivery always here around the 2-3weeks time frame

  12. alphadude (verified owner)

    This order was for BPC-157 and Test Prop 100. The BPC I have been using for my elbow and keeping it healthy for arm wrestling. I have experienced an anti-inflammatory effect in the short term using BPC which makes training and competing with my elbow much more tolerable. In fact I don’t use any advil during times when I use BPC and this brand was no different. It’s hard to say the long term healing effects but I do get an immediate short term relief of pain. The Test Prop is used as a little boost to my normal TRT regimen and I definitely noticed the little bump in dose with added sex drive kicking in very quickly and a little bit of extra weight added on over the period i was using it. Both products were very clean appearing and the BPC mixed easily.

  13. Zalewski (verified owner)

    The domestic items took about a week, very fast and some other that came international took a little more than two weeks, which is great.

  14. 1L0503137 (verified owner)

    I am a first time buyer, but I will NOT be a last time buyer When I need to respond, this is where I will be going and I know that I will be getting good hear at a great price and I know that what I am getting is the REAL DEAL!! I HIGHLY recommend these guys for anything you need

  15. biguriel (verified owner)

    Packaging is always good with the orders coming nicely wrapped and tight with a even better tape job!

  16. Aadarsh (verified owner)

    Will continue to use these guys as my number 1 and main source.

  17. Tyler (verified owner)

    Will continue to use these guys as my number 1 and main source.

  18. Ryder (verified owner)

    I have several orders from this source, usually placing orders during promos/discounts, I am poor 🙁 thankfully these guys tend to have frequent promos or sales.

  19. chris.smith5555 (verified owner)

    Just 3 days after the shipping date, package was at my door!

  20. android4life13 (verified owner)

    Product arrived quickly and discreetly.

  21. Pickle_rick (verified owner)

    Fast replies, helpful, and put my worries to bed real quick when I had a query about the Ultima Semaglutide, initially ordered Nakon Medical Semaglutide but it went OOS. One chat and they replaced it with Ultima Semaglutide; it was all good.

  22. Anthony (verified owner)

    Great customer service, no complains.

  23. Brooks2023 (verified owner)

    The best customer service I’ve ever seen. They are friendly, helpful and quick to respond. Definitely this is very important to me. they won me .

  24. Robert (verified owner)

    I have not been disappointed whatsoever!

  25. Kayden (verified owner)

    I don’t like the word “cheap” because it seems to undervalue a brand; however Primesteroidshop is very affordable with great quality products.

  26. Camden (verified owner)

    I have not been disappointed whatsoever!

  27. Badgoat1 (verified owner)

    They are always helpful when I message them about a product or when I message them with a random question. Very professional interactions.

  28. Badgoat1 (verified owner)

    Ultima test/eq 400 and ultima oxy 50. Did a 8 week test eq and var summer cycle and got absoultly ripped and super vascular. The only difficult part was the eq gave me severe hunger pains and it was hard to not over eat. Products were super effective and top notch.

  29. Dominic (verified owner)

    Package came fast for international. Secure and well wrapped. Everything you would expect from a professional outfit.

  30. Mason (verified owner)

    Review for ultima tren a, ultima deca and ultima winny tabs 10mgs.

  31. Robert (verified owner)

    I have tried a wide variety of shops on eroids. Almost all of my experiences have been positive. I did want to try OSgear because it seems like they have been #1 internationally since i can remember getting on eroids for the first time.

  32. proteinSheikh (verified owner)

    Arrive superfast, discrete and well wrapped, no issues packaged arrived safely.

  33. Zohar (verified owner)

    Easy ordering process and quick TA for international delivery.

  34. Patrick (verified owner)

    Masteron was and is still dosed at 200mg per week. It gives me a great sense of well being and bodyfat is down without trying much on the diet part. Also sex drive is crazy high.

  35. Nattyboomba (verified owner)

    Very good website. Easy to navigate and search bar makes it even easier to find what you need. Easy to understand ordering process and great communication so you are in the know of the entire process.

  36. Kaden Arabic (verified owner)

    Thank you for the generous promo primesteroids.

  37. Nicholas (verified owner)

    My package actually arrived earlier than expected and as stated above there are never any issues with deliveries.

  38. Jonwiggs8 (verified owner)

    Top notch. Was in communication the entire order process. Answered all the questions I had in timely manner. A+ with turn around time responses from representative.

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